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John Carpenter Seeks Justice for Peaceful Protesters Unlawfully Arrested Following Illegal Curfews

John Carpenter and Sara Azari represent dozens of peaceful protestors who were detained, arrested and subjected to horrific conditions after curfews were hastily imposed on those speaking out against the murder of George Floyd. The curfews were illegal and a direct violation of the protestors’ first amendment rights to assembly and free speech.

In the summer of 2020, thousands of people took to the streets in support of the Black Lives Matter movement seeking systemic change, a cornerstone of which is criminal justice reform. In response, multiple cities throughout Southern California enforced broad unfettered curfews, charging protestors with misdemeanor crimes – namely failure to obey the curfew and failure to disperse. For hours, those arrested were driven from precinct to precinct in dark crowded busses, without water, safety measures or PPE, and without the ability to use the bathroom or take their medications. Some were assaulted, hit with batons, shot at with rubber bullets, and many sustained injuries.

As John Carpenter put it “The path to justice begins with the truth. When the government enacts and enforces an illegal curfew to infringe on an individual’s expression of the truth, it creates a tool of oppression to benefit those peddling a false narrative and undermines the foundation of our society.”

While some cities and counties are declining to prosecute charges against the protestors, that decision does not address the core problem: that the curfews squashed free speech and the protestors were criminalized for doing nothing but speaking truth to power.

The voices of people begging for justice have been unlawfully silenced. Even in its wake, the chill of the illegal curfew persists.  The only way to ensure this never happens again is by holding these jurisdictions financially responsible – and that is what Truth Love Justice aims to do.

Justice for Protesters

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June 7th, 2020|Categories: lawsuit, Press|

John Carpenter and Sara Azari file claims seeking justice for protestors illegally arrested when cities instituted unconstitutional curfews, violating right to free speech and assembly.

New Lawsuit Alleges L.A., Santa Monica, Beverly Hills Used Curfews to Crush Legitimate Protests

March 2nd, 2021|Categories: lawsuit, Press|

John Carpenter files suit on behalf of dozens of protestors arrested for curfew violations, calling out unconstitutional tactics that stifled legitimate political speech against police violence.